Ausschreibung UTBCN 2016

REGULATION (copyright by

We want to highlight that many aspects related with the required material are oriented towards the protection of the environment and –obviously- the runner such as the need of having the following material:

  • Plastic glass or drum to refuel on the refreshments points
  • Drum or Hidratation Sytems (Camelbak) of 1L minimum
  • Windproof or waterproof jacket
  • Headlamp with batteries
  • Red rear position light (like red bike position light)
  • Survival blanket (220×140)
  • Sun cap
  • Buff
  • Mobile phone charged and protected
  • Backpack or similar

In case of a high probability of rain indicated by weather forecast (Catalonia’s Meteorological Service) participants must compulsory wear a waterproof and breathable jacket, Gore-Tex, Membrain, H2O, YVENT type or similar instead of the required windproof jacket.

The race has 11 provisioning points set up along the route, in addition to the existing one at the Starting/Arriving line.

The maximum time to complete it is 24 hours.

It is compulsory to have a medical certificate of physical aptitude for resistance events accredited by a doctor collegiate in sports medicine, done less than a year before the race. Non-having this document will suppose the disqualification of the runner although has paid the inscription.

Only one person will be considered as external assistance and will be controlled by the aid station responsible. The helping area will be located next to the aid station, any other location won’t be allowed. The participant will be disqualified if receives external assistance at any other aid station.

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